Shungite (B), Tumbled Stones – M/L – 200g

Shungite (B), Tumbled Stones

You will receive an assorted lot of tumbled stones. These tumbles vary in size from approx 30 – 35 mm

Please Note: Shungite tumbled stones are available in both an ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade. Please see the gallery photos for the difference in qualities.

These Karelian Shungite tumbles are potent cleansing and protective stones. Comprising almost pure carbon, they’ve been used for purification since Roman times. It’s powerful grounding energy connects with the root chakra to assist in letting go of established patterns, habits, beliefs, guilts, or fears. These are stones of purity and personal authenticity – incredibly powerful tools, yet super easy to work with, making them an instant crowd pleaser. We’re big fans.