Ocean Jasper Tower – OJT34-F4

Ocean Jasper Towers – what you see in the photo is what you’ll receive.

Weight: 0.836 kg

Size: Approximately 17 x 7 cm

Each tower is beautifully hand carved from stone.

Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper is a colourful stone from Madagascar, known for it’s patterns of tiny orbs. It’s a gently nurturing stone, that floods your heart with positive energy. When you find yourself unsure of where to turn in life, turn to Ocean Jasper – its primordial energy will provide.

Our Madagascan products are all produced to order for us by artisans in Madagascar. We love how this keeps the profits for the local stone in the villages around the quarries, rather than shipping those profits off shore which exacerbates the local poverty. We pay market rates, plus we send an additional koha that is distributed to the workers and their families to help them as they need. The products that arrive constantly impress us – they’re beautiful both physically and energetically. These are crystals instilled with love. Thanks for helping us to support our amazing friends in Madagascar.