Hearts – Howlite

Howlite Hearts – approximately 3.5 x 3.5 cm each.

Howlite’s chill vibes make it a widely appealing companion, noted for its big calming influence. It’s popularly used for calming emotions to facilitate a deep and invigorating sleep, though it has a great deal to teach us about patience and emotional expression. Enormously underrated, howlite is SUCH a great addition to any healing toolkit.

We’re thrilled to partner with a new supplier who shares our ethos of putting people and the environment before profits. They’re super transparent about how they operate, from their modern workshop with extensive PPE and reduced hands-on labour, through to the amazing on the ground work they do alongside suppliers of rough stone, in markets throughout the world. It’s hugely important to us that our supplier’s credentials check out, and these guys certainly do – and the quality of their workmanship is stunning. Big love.

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