Spirit Quartz – SPQ06-B6

Select Lot of Spirit Quartz Clusters – What you see in the photo is what you’ll receive.

Weight: 0.086 kg

Size: 4 – 5cm

Sometimes called “Cactus Quartz” or “Pineapple Quartz,” these beautiful lavender crystals are known to come from just one locality, in South Africa. They’re distinctive for the small second growth crystals growing over larger amethyst crystals.

It’s said to simultaneously ground the physical body while uplifting and engaging the spirit, making it an ideal stone for meditation, facilitating deep rejuvenating physical state while the higher self is engaged in channelling and intuitive work. Spirit Quartz puts up an energy shield, keeping the monotony of society at bay while we experience personal growth on a whole new level. Hold your spirit quartz tight, close your eyes, and feel a wave of love wash over you…