Shark Teeth – Medium

These shark teeth from Morocco are an excellent quality with no repairs. Each tooth is complete, with two cusps (the little side teeth).

Otodus obliquus is an extinct species of mackerel shark (and an ancestor of the Megalodon Shark). It lived from the Paleocene (66 million years ago) to the Miocene (5 million years ago) Epoch. Otodus obliquus teeth are distinguished from other species by their triangular crown, smooth edges, and the ‘cusps’ (little teeth) on their roots, used by the sharks to hold on to their prey securely. These teeth are sourced from Morocco, the colour matching the soil/rock in the vast phosphate mines from which they’re dug. Sharks are mostly cartilage, so teeth and vertebrae are the only fossilised remains.

Size: Approx 4 – 5 cm

Note: All of our fossils are genuine. Also available in small and large size.

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