Selenite Mountain – SM10-F4

Selenite Mountains – what you see in the photo is what you will receive

These Selenite Mountains are perfectly imperfect – though some have marks and/or minor imperfections, the colours vary a little. This however does not affect their energy in any way, and we still love them – and we hope you do too!

Size: Approximately 6 – 6.5 cm high

Weight: 0.180 kg

Selenite is pure radiance – let it immerse your space in bright, positive, healing light energy. Selenite channels the subtle energies of the moon, making it perfect for recharging, cleansing and purifying people, spaces, and crystals. Technically referred to as Gypsum var. Satin Spar, it’s commonly sold as Selenite, a name aptly derived from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.