Pink Amethyst – Patagonia – PA68

Pink Amethyst – Patagonia

Lot: PA68

Pink Amethyst fills your heart with love. It is full of gentle love energy and can reduce various kinds of anxiety and fear. You can have a calm and peaceful mind by using it. Pink Amethyst is becoming a go to for emotional healing, connecting us with our inner child so we can deal with all that mess, but also helping to process grief and sorrow. They’re going to keep your heart open through times that aren’t easy. I think my favourite thing about pink amethyst though is the way it helps us change down a gear and appreciate life at a slower pace – these stones embody ‘lagom’ – the Swedish notion of not too much, not too little – just the right amount. Hold your pink amethyst and find your flow and balance – let go of the struggle, the resistance, and the troubles.

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