Opal – 5g

These precious mineraloid stones with their vibrant flashes of colour hold a special place in the lore of so many ancient cultures and stories abound about their origin. These beautiful uncut stones from Welo, Ethiopia are a more recent find, having only been commercially available for around fifteen years now. These are hydrophane opals – formed following volcanic processes. They’re generally bigger, brighter, harder, and more affordable than sedimentary opals like those found in Australia. These pieces have all been hand selected for you from a larger, hand selected lot – these are stunning quality for the price. 

Their formation also gives them a bigger, bolder, more vibrant energy than their cousins people have become familiar with. Opal is said to intensify the emotions, showing the true nature of the bearer, while harnessing life force energy, strengthening our instinctive will to live and thrive. It’s also super pretty.

You will receive an assorted lot with approximately 4 – 7 pieces. The Opal may vary in size from 15-25 mm.

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