Iris Agate Slice – Small

It’s not often we have our minds blown by new treasures, but these iris agate slices from Indonesia are incredible. We’ve been looking for these for years, and we’re thrilled to have finally found some and be able to share them with you! They’re carefully sliced thin and polished to display a rainbow spectrum of colour when viewed with a light source behind. Naturally occurring, caused by very tight bands of agate growth, these are super rare – so our supply is very limited.

Iris agate is bursting with potential – it knows no bounds and enables manifestation like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Self doubt and anxiety are no match for Iris Agate – it has this bubbling energy that is uncontainable, unrestricted, and undeniably positive. While you’re captivated by the light show, the warm energy floods through you to bring your entire being into energetic alignment and balance. Experience delight on the daily – you deserve it.

This listing is for one assorted natural agate slice, selected at random from the small number we have available. They all have a unique pattern, and every piece offers a good display of rainbow when held up to a light. We have included a photo in the gallery to show how they look without a light behind.

Size: Approximately 4cm across

$23.48 + GST

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