Blue Amber, Part Polished – AMR04-F2

Blue Amber Part Polished, from Indonesia. What you see in the photo is what you’ll receive.

Note: We have included a photo of this piece under UV light so you can see it’s beautiful bright blue glow!

Weight: 0.112 kg

Size: Approx 7 x 5 cm

These pieces of amber are a special selection for their particularly prominent blue colour, visible in natural sunlight. This beautiful amber from Sumatra has gained fame around the world over the last decade. Formed some 23 million years ago, it’s a true amber, with colours ranging from honey to cognac, and occasional creamy inclusions. Under UV light the colour changes to a deep blue, with beautiful swirling patterns. 

Treasured for thousands of years by cultures around the world, Amber has a powerful but gentle energy. Amber is known for its emotional balancing properties, it’s calming nature, and a warm, protective embrace.