Black Amethyst, Cut Base – BACB37-D4

This is a select lot of Black Amethyst Cut Base, what you see in the photo is what you will receive.

Weight: 0.714 kg

Size: Approx 12.5 x 8.5 cm

Black Amethyst is a super sparkly treasure sourced from the Amethyst mines in Uruguay. The tiny druzy crystals have a higher concentration of hematite micro-inclusions, giving the crystals a deep black appearance under the millions of little sparkles in each piece. Hugely protective, with all the benefits of amethyst but with the volume turned up. These make the ideal peaceful energy crystals for your space…

A crystal to be treasured – bringing us a combination of energies: Big calming, soothing, protective Amethyst vibes, beautifully integrated with the deeply grounding energies of hematite. Black Amethyst tickles the crown and base chakras – open the mind, connect with the earth. 

A variant of Amethyst, growing in small pockets in the Uruguayan Amethyst mines, these super sparkly crystals clusters have inclusions of hematite which causes the intensely dark druzy crystals.