Apatite TS, Africa – L – 200g

Apatite tumbled stones. Unusual shapes and sizes, formed by the variance in hardness between the apatite and matrix. We love these cool shapes, full of character and texture.

Things got you down? Can’t find your way through the fog of malaise? Green Apatite helps us pick up the pieces and find your motivation to get on with your journey. I mean, maybe your journey is finishing the ironing – Green Apatite doesn’t discriminate, it’ll just sit in your pocket quietly willing you on. Hold it tight, and it’ll help you strengthen your intention. Use it to meditate with Gaia and deepen that connection and facilitate some chit chat with faeries.

Apatite is somewhat of a chameleon – it comes in many colours: green, blue, clear, brown, pink, yellow, violet – and is often mistaken for other crystals and stones, hence it’s name coming from the Greek απατείν, which means to deceive or be misleading.

These funky stones vary in size from 25mm – 50mm.


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