Angel Aura Amethyst points – AAP04-C6

This is a select lot of Aura Points, what you see in the photo is what you will receive.

Weight: 0.238 kg

Size: Approx 7 – 8 cm

These pretty amethyst points have had an aura coating applied through a gentle electroplating process that leaves a very thin but very resilient shimmery metallic layer across the crystal faces. We have these in angel aura and rainbow – each with their own listing.

While we’re not always happy about crystals being modified or coated, we love that these aura points are produced with a lower grade of amethyst that often won’t sell as it is. Maybe it’s pale or has a chip – the aura coating hides these things and gives them a new life as something desirable. And I mean – look at them – they’re SO desirable!

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