Amethyst Crystals Polished – Bahia (Dragon’s Teeth) – 250g

A suprise variant of the hugely popular Amethyst Crystals from Bahia, Brazil – known as Dragon’s Teeth. This small batch arrived with polished points!

Amethyst is an ancient stone of protection, revered through the ages for it’s beauty and influence. Unique to amethyst is it’s ability to protect us from ourselves – in particular with making better decisions about things that can be harmful to us – particularly addictive tendencies. Amethyst calms the inner voice and is great for insomnia.

Each piece is an individual crystal, some with elestial etchings, and/or phantoms.

Note: The size varies between crystals and subsequently, the number of crystals will vary between lots. The 250g lot has approximately 8-15 crystals. 

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